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Intuitive Healing • Reiki • Massage Therapy

What if everything you’ve ever wanted is already within you, waiting to be unlocked. This is the undeniable realization that inspired my path as an Intuitive Healer.

I have gone through many paths to get where I am, from my studies in body biomechanics, massage school and becoming a Reiki Master. I know that I have a chance to help you heal, grow, learn and become the best version of you physically, emotionally and spiritually. My ultimate goal is to help you know that the power to heal is from within, that you have the skills to fully create the life you want to live with some help and guidance from me. I love what I do. I love seeing my clients thrive, no matter in what manner. I love knowing that we all have the capability to grow that passion and fire from within!


What I Offer

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is a combination of energy work, massage and intuitive reading to best assist your body with it’s needs. It is the most comprehensive bodywork I offer. You’ll receive top notch hands on bodywork plus the guidance of my spirit guides and intuition to give you the ultimate healing experience.

Massage Therapy

Enjoy a biomechanical session of table time. Functional massage is based in physical therapy, stretching & movement plus a combination of swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular work plus myofascial work. Injured or recovering, this is the best table time you can get!

Reiki Therapy

Come for a session of relaxation, release and energy alignment. Reiki is table time that allows you to decompress from everyday to long term stressors. It can help with healing physical and emotional wounds. Staying fully clothed on the table for your session allows the body and mind to stay relaxed and comfortable. Let my spirit guides and yours guide your healing session with me.

Distance Healing

Don’t live in Denver but want to experience an energy healing session with me? Distance healing works just as powerfully as if you and I were in the same room. Energy work allows the body to decompress, relax and heal no matter the distance. You’ll need a quiet space to relax in for an hour while I “dial” in to your energetic field to help align and release anything that no longer serves you.

Wellness Concierge

Looking to find your best self? Looking to get energetically aligned with your passion? This program will give you the tools to build that life you desire. We dive into learning about your intuition, meeting your spirit guides and how to manifest. Rebuild, refocus and realign with me!

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Frequently Asked

Energy Work, Is it for me?

Energy work is for anyone and everyone. There are no issues that should keep you from getting work done. People of all needs, physical and emotional can benefit from energy work

How to choose Massage, Reiki or Intuitive Healing?

When you book the best way to decide between the 3 options is:

Massage – you have physical aches & pains,

Reiki – you have emotional aches & pains,

Intuitive Healing – you have both physical & emotional needs

How often should I see Sonja?

The body needs what the body needs. Some people need to get healing weekly and others we simply create a program for a standard length of time needed to heal.

Do you only see people in person?

Distance Healing is one of my gifts. We do not need to live in the same city, state or even country to do healing work. I have clients all over the world!


Lotus Lounge Healing Inspiration

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All I can say is working with Sonja is nothing short of an existential experience! COVID has been tough on humanity, but personally, I was definitely struggling. I didn’t know what I needed but I knew I wasn’t getting it on my couch with wine and Netflix. So the universe, by way of a wonderful friend of mine, sent me Sonja. What I got was a crash course in radical healing. Her talents with Reiki and as a conduit for connection with your own energy are nothing short of powerful, and in the best way! You have to experience a session with her, because there are no words, but I wager she will be exactly what you didn’t know you needed!


Sonja is blessed with an amazing gift. She makes you feel comfortable and you are at peace in her presence. She is full of compassion and a very beautiful person. Her skills at body and emotional diagnosis is amazing! Her touch is pure healing. 

T. Marsh

Sonja has a gift for understanding and an incredible ability for healing that is tailored and unique to the individual. I have found this particularly helpful time and time again, especially as an actor who requires my body, mind and soul to be in as much harmony as humanly possible. She has been instrumental in helping me understand, remove, but also intuit many of the blockages caused by everyday stress and routine as they pop up. After a session with Sonja, I feel infinitely more open, lighter and equipped to function at a higher space; she is truly magic. 

C. Paterno 2017

After 11 years being in and out of therapy, and not finding what I was looking for…working with Sonja has given me a stronger sense of self. Decision making was very hard for me, I did not know how to trust myself. Through working with Sonja, I have gained trust. I feel more grounded, which is not something I knew that I needed, but glad to have found. This was a huge growth opportunity for myself and I am grateful to have found Sonja to walk me through it!


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