About Sonja

Intuitive Healer • Massage Therapist • Reiki Master

Sometimes I look back at my road to getting to where I am and I wonder how I got so lucky with my path. My friends always tease me asking if there is not anything I have not done in my life. But the reality of it all is, that I have an education in Biomechanics and practicing in physical therapy. I have always loved helping others in their physical journey with wellness. 

With that my bodywork portion of my services is very functionally based, I truly love to understand the dysfunction of the human body and how to help it. The best part of the story comes when I learned about energy work. I was working in a beauty school, attended a weekend wellness retreat on behalf of the school and encountered some of the most amazing people. They gave me a very basic introduction to energy work and how intuition plays such a big part of how we function. I came back from that understanding very little of intuition and energy but endeavored to work it. I was working one night in the retail shop and was placing some product on a customer’s hand, and had this crazy overwhelming feeling that I knew a secret about her. This voice kept telling me she was pregnant. I thought I was nuts but had to ask her and her husband. They were floored, told me they found out 2 days prior that they were 7 weeks along but hadn’t told anyone. I knew then I had some gift that I had to cultivate.  Over time I searched for energy work as a career, I came upon Reiki. It was exactly what I would have wished to find. Now after 8 plus years I combine all my skills: Reiki, Massage and Intuition to heal and nurture others.

My Story

How I Got Started

I am an Intuitive Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. I started my journey in Chicago, moved to NYC and have landed in Denver. My passion for helping those in both physical and spiritual pain led me to where I am today. With a degree in Movement & Sport Sciences and a background in physical therapy, my need to understand how the body functions and moves only makes my skills more polished. While in the transition of career paths many years ago, I studied the foundations of Ayurvedic traditions and learned about energy work. This led to my passion for Reiki and using energy to soothe the soul. Today I now combine Reiki with massage to attune the body and restore it to balance and harmony. As a Reiki Master and bodyworker, I use intuition to guide the healing process as I create balance, relieve stress and support mental clarity. My massages and body work sessions will leave you refreshed, restored and renewed. With a mix of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Neuromuscular and the healing powers of Reiki, your session will be unique and complimentary to your body’s needs. Intuitive Healing and Energy Balancing is a natural progression of Reiki. When the mind is in distress we do not perform our daily tasks to the best of our abilities. I am goaled with listening to the spirit guides to give you clarity into where you need to be right here and now. Have you ever experienced a trauma or severe emotional distress that just will not release?I can help you move through these issues and live your best life!

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