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Transformational healing program 

Your 8-week journey back to self

with your wellness concierge & Energetic Alignment Coach, Sonja

What does it really take to live a fully aligned life by design?

If you’ve ever experienced flow…When things seem to happen for you in divine timing…

When you’re lit up with passion….When you feel as if you’re at the right place, and time in your life

Then you’ve experienced alignment. 

But…how do we create that experience intentionally, especially when we seem to have gotten slightly off course? 

There’s a reason why this type of life experience elicits a resounding YES. 

Your energetic body KNOWS this experience so intimately. 

This is your natural state of being. 

And yet, we’ve unintentionally accumulated so many blocks…

  • years of conditioning, 
  • years of limiting thought patterns and repeating cycles,
  • years of burdening our physical bodies just by way of life…

…that we have a hard time believing this life of Full Energetic Alignment is even possible for us. 

I want you to know – it is!

It’s fully available to you!

You’re fully deserving of it!





After treating hundreds of people on my table – first as a master massage therapist, and now as an energetic healer – I’ve seen the transformation in people’s physical and energetic bodies. 

I’ve seen clients transform their life experience, and release negative patterns that they’ve held on to for years, sometimes decades. Transformations like:

→ experiencing more presence in your relationships

→ discovering and learning how to honor your boundaries

→ releasing expectations that no longer serve you (and actually open up new possibilities) 

→ feeling more empowered in your life’s decisions (big and small) 

→ re-discovering your passion and pursuing new ideas and ventures 

To name a few. 

The truth is, energetic realignment may look different for different people – but the process follows a known trajectory. 

It’s as if the Universe gave us comfort in knowing, if we follow our Energetic Alignment, we can create a life we desire. Whew. 


So what is this process of energetic alignment?

Through my decade of experience facilitating this work, I’ve witnessed the process fall into the following three phases. 





*Please note. I’m not the creator of this process. I’m simply a facilitator of energetic flow (or Universal Life Force as it’s called in Reiki) that’s available to all of us – including you. I’m here to simply guide, with the help of my Spirit Guides (and yours if we decide to do this work together).

Phase I – Rebalance

To bring your physical, mental, and emotional bodies to a place of Energetic Alignment – we must first discover the energetic imbalances that are guiding your current life experience. 

It’s hard for you to notice your own imbalances – you’re adapted to them, learned how to live with them, and they’ve moved into your blindspot. 

This is why we always start with an Energetic Healing Session – where you allow my energy field access to yours, so I can “see under the hood” and uncover what requires most attention to move you to Alignment. 

*I’ve facilitated hundreds of Energy Healing sessions with my clients. And while this marks the very beginning of the Energetic Alignment process – subtle things begin to shift as soon as right after the first session.

As we move through this phase together, you’ll learn the tools to facilitate energetic realignment within yourself.

Reiki Self Care

Reiki Self Care will be one of the most potent gifts you’ll receive (it certainly was for me). It’s your tool to find balance, harmony, and grounding at any moment’s notice. 

Use it when sleep evades you, anxiety creeps up or you’re just feeling disjointed.

Accessing Your Spirit Guides

(If you’re open to it)

Most people I begin my work with are curious about meeting their Spirit Guides and learning when and how to access their guidance. We’ll work on helping you open two-way communication with your Spirit Guides in a way where you’ll get to practice Trust.

Developing Your Intuition

You may feel as though it can be hard to access your intuition or you may hesitate in following your “gut instincts”. Here, we help you understand the difference between your gut intuition vs. your 3rd intuition and the roles they play in your life. You’ll also develop even stronger Trust in all parts of yourself, your body, soul, and the guidance that’s always available to you.

Through this process of Rebalancing, you’re setting the stage to be a powerful creator of a life you desire. You’re now ready for…

Phase II – Refocus

As you now begin to tap into a space of Energetic Alignment – your perspective shifts. You have a new sense of clarity around things you’ve struggled to resolve. 

You’re now well-prepared for deeper self-discovery where you can get crystal clear on your purpose path, your desires, and what you want to create in your life.  

What’s more, you’re actually aligned to manifest and receive those things. 

And that’s exactly what we do in phase II – as you laser focus on your goals and desires.


Setting Powerful Intentions

You’ll learn how to channel your newfound clarity into powerful intentions. 

You’ll learn the key difference between setting goals and setting intentions, giving you the tools to create a life you envision + a path to get there.


Most people that find the act of “manifesting” fruitless are usually missing one of these key things:

  • Energetic Alignment to receive 
  • Clarity of your desires
  • Powerful intention to “meet the Universe halfway” in your manifestation practices

You’ll learn this and more, as we slowly transition to full Realignment of your life experience.

Phase III – Realign

As you can imagine, your journey back to Self is not a “one and done” deal. You get to continuously align and focus your energy to create a life you desire. 

In the phase of Full Realignment – we ensure a complete release of old “comfort patterns” that no longer serve you. 

For some people, it’s about releasing:

  • Old ties to relationship patterns (ex: if you experience attracting the same relationship dynamic over and over again)
  • Attachment to idealistic traits in potential partners (that actually keeps you from experiencing the love you want)
  • Expectations placed upon us by others (ex: social conditioning of how we define success)
  • False beliefs like “you must overwork yourself to achieve success you want” 

You uncover the belief systems that you’ve assumed or settled for without realizing it. 

The intention – you find freedom in every aspect of your life. 

We’ll look at your patterns and beliefs around money, relationships, and what you believe to be possible for you.

This is where you release any lingering blocks that stand in the way of your Energetic Alignment & the manifestation of your desires.

Cherry-On-Top Bonuses

Energy Healing Sessions

($200 Value/Each)

For our 8 weeks together, I’m your Energetic Alignment Coach. 

In addition to our initial energy healing session – we’ll dive into your energetic field through all 3 Phases of the process to ensure Alignment throughout the program.

Manifestation Bundle

Manifestation doesn’t take “time” in the sense as we know it – but what does take time is our realignment to becoming an energetic match to whatever we’re manifesting. 

Knowing this, you and I will create a Custom Manifestation Bundle – complete with daily rituals, affirmations, and powerful intentions to set you up for success.

Can I Do This Remotely?

Yes, absolutely! I take clients from all over the world. We have weekly chats via phone and video calls. Energy works the same whether we are together physically or not.

The only thing different will be that we will do distance healing verses any table time if we were in person. 

What is the Investment?

The investment for the Transformational Healing Program is $2000.

Is there a Payment Plan?

Yes, we can break it up into smaller installments to be paid along the 8 weeks with a final payment due at the last session. 

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