Lotus Lounge Healing Center


Reiki certification 

Learn an Ancient Healing Art

My Reiki classes are designed for anyone and includes all Reiki level I , level II, Advanced and a Master Reiki attunements.

These classes are lead by Sonja.

First and Second Degree Reiki Certification Class teaches powerful, healing symbols. Class provides precise instruction for application of these symbols as well as ample time for hands-on practice in integrating the symbols into Reiki sessions on self and others.

Advanced Reiki teaches the Reiki crystal grid, Usui Master symbol use, Aura clearing techniques and Reiki symbol mediation.

Master/Teacher Attunement will teach you instruction for coaching your own attunements, Master healing techniques, Tibetan Master symbols & use plus a healing attunement.

In these classes, participants will:

  • What is Reiki?
  • How does it heal?
  • Chakra work
  • Distance Healing (level II)
  • Learn healing symbols
  • Hands on practice

Receive certificates for all levels

Level I Certification



1 day of training

Level II Certification



1 day of training

Level I & II Certification (Combined)



2 days of training

Advanced Certification



1 day of training

Master/Teacher Certification



2 days of training