Finding Energetic Alignment When We Feel Out of Sorts

When we fall out of alignment, we are tested, rewarded then tested again. Our mental wellness and acuity become challenged. We have found ways to be resilient, but it has not been easy. With ebbs and flows in our energy both personally and on a global scale we fall out of Alignment. You can find your Energetic Alignment once again and thrive daily.

Energetic Alignment, what is it you might ask?

This is when we are in harmony both within and without. We find flow in our everyday actions, interactions, and existence. Our energy finds itself behaving in a way to serves us from a place of support.

When we are out of alignment we hurt, we struggle and sometimes get stuck in the negativity.

I often remind people that energy is in everything. It is part of the reason we can react to that person standing too close to us (pre-covid of course.) It is how we can feel non-visible changes in our environment.

When we struggle with all these patterns of falling out of alignment there are plenty of things to do to get back in energetic harmony.

   -Slow down refocus on the positive of the very moment you are living

  -Acknowledge what has gotten you off your game

   -Find something that grounds you, brings you back to your base

   -Meditate, create, workout, nap, talk with a friend, anything to hit the reset button

When I work with clients to find Energetic Alignment, it takes time to make it last. It is not an overnight fix. We can get back to it immediately for a balance point. But we need to continue to work at it to make it stick, flow and be continuous. 

I get out of Alignment frequently enough by just absorbing too much energy from people and things around me. I always slow down, ground and find something that centers me. 

  -I journal

  -I workout

  -I text supportive & non-judgmental friends

  -I remind myself that this moment will pass, do not judge it positive or negative, just let it be

It may take me an hour or a day to find harmony again, but Energetic Alignment can always be found!

If you would like to know more about energy, energy work, and Energetic Alignment, I am happy to make time to talk, have some table time or even begin looking at my Transformational Healing Program. Living in harmony with Energetic Alignment is much easier than we think!